Zoocchini - Washable Reusable Cloth Pocket Nappy with 2 Inserts - Kai the Koala

Zoocchini - Reusable Cloth Pocket Nappy - Koala | Style My Kid

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Zoocchini - Washable Reusable Cloth Pocket Nappy with 2 Inserts - Kai the Koala

Use, Re-use, Repeat - Economical and Eco-Friendly!

Zoocchini's ultra-absorbent One-Size Reusable Pocket Nappies are designed to provide a customisable fit for most babies from birth to potty training stage.

The adjustable rise with 3 rows of snaps and multiple waist size adjustments ensure a flexible fit through the growing stages of your baby’s life. This uniquely designed 2-piece diapering system has a waterproof exterior combined with one or two ultra-absorbent inserts. These make a dependable nappy for both day and night time use.

This set Includes 2 pieces of serge edge, full size inserts with snaps to secure inside the pocket.

  • One size providing a customisable fit for babies from birth to potty training stage. 
  • Suitable for babies weighing from 7 to 35lbs (3 to 16kgs).
  • Adjustable Fit, Adjustable Rise, Adjustable Waist.

  • Lined with soft stay-dry polyester fleece that wicks moisture away from baby’s tush.
  • Soft absorbent flannel layer in an easy-wash-easy-dry polyester fabric keeps baby’s tush dry and warm.
  • Includes a pair of uber-absorbent 4-layer bamboo fabric soaker insert with snap.
  • Each insert is made from 4 uber-absorbent layers of easy to wash, quick dry Rayon/Polyester terry for absorbency.
  • Clever design with dual snaps and dual openings for the insert pocket at front and back waist – use each insert individually or snap one on each end for additional absorbency.
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free long-lasting plastic snaps allow personalized adjustments at waist and front rise to adapt to baby’s growth.
  • Soft pre-shrunk elastic around waist & legs provide a comfortable leak-free fit.
  • Contoured leg shape fits well along baby’s leg for a gentle, yet snug fit.
  • Azo free, BPA free, phthalate free.
  • SAVE MONEY & SAVE TIME: save on the everyday costs and hassle of disposable nappies.
  • Choose your favourite Zoocchini characters as we have 6 fab animal inspired in stock - Sherman the Shark, Allie the Alicorn, Puddles the Duck, Kai the Koala, Marietta the Mermaid & Harriet the Hedgehog.
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