Dealing with Reflux by SMK Mum Amy

Dealing with Reflux by SMK Mum Amy


I know babies cry but....

A baby that cries is not nice for anyone, but particularly hard for a new, tired, emotional mum. Don’t get me wrong, I know babies cry, but as a parent/carer it’s amazing how we learn to know not only our own babies cry but what their different cries each mean. So when we hear our babies crying in pain and discomfort and not knowing how to help it’s heartbreaking.

I am a mum of two boys, and with both of them they have suffered terribly with reflux. My eldest with silent reflux and my youngest brings up most feeds. We have of course tried countless types of medication to help which have tended to help with one thing but then cause other issues.

While this goes on, we have to manage it in the best way we can. While each and every parent and baby will overcome their reflux difficulties in their own way, I’m sure we all agree having a good stockpile of muslins to hand to catch the spew is about as good as we can hope for some days!

Love Amy x



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