Julie Harriss - Memories from a Manic Mum!

Julie Harriss - Memories from a Manic Mum!


When recently speaking to my close circle of friends about StyleMyKid and what it means to Amy and I, many of them said that it should reflect what we stand for as mums.  Whilst SMK is all about the clothes for little ones, I also wanted to share with you a few tips that really helped me over the years in the hope that some may help other parents in even the smallest of ways. Amy actually said it could be called ‘Julies Tips’ but that sounds just wrong!!
So here are a few that really stick in my mind from when Sienna was born….

Sterilising Bottles

Panicking about sterilising feeding bottles is totally natural – my advice is to get two sterilising units if possible or get some of those steam steriliser bags – then you don’t have to freak out when you realise that the batch you had made ready has been open too long. Amy swears by having one of those boiling hot water taps but they just scare me as I am so forgetful and clumsy!


Sleep Worries

Constantly checking on a sleeping baby? If you are anything like me (or the millions of other mums who I am sure do this) I found it so hard to not keep going into the nursery when my baby was sleeping in the evening.  I was really anxious and actually kept Sienna in a crib next to my bed for far longer that I needed to.  I was going up and down the stairs so much and driving Dan mad by asking him to check all the time. 

However, the thing that changed it for me was getting one of the those monitors with the alarmed mat that went under the baby mattress.  If at any point Siennas breathing slowed down to an unnatural level the alarm went off on the monitor. Thankfully, it only happened a few times but when it did I probably could have beaten Usain Bolt into the room to rouse/ poke her awake.   It really helped me relax more in the evening.  We did try the camera version but that just felt really creepy and I watched way to much ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ to not imagine some demon creature staring back at me (over active imagination??).

For some ideas on the current baby monitors available, here is an article featuring their selection of the top sleep monitors.



You never have enough clean muslins! Said daughter went through about 50 a day because she had reflux and was tongue tied so was continuously dribbling. One of the reasons we have such lovely ones on the website is because I only had white or should I say murky grey ones (post first wash) to use.

I would have loved to have the choice that SMK has so I could have matched them to her outfits (yes I am that type of mum!!) Lulujo Newborn Organic Swaddle Marble | Style My Kid

Our excellent selection of muslins and swaddle blankets includes both organic and 100% cotton.  In such beautiful designs from Lulujo and Fabelab. Some come in instagram ready sets with matching hats and name stickers and others are in singles or triple packs.  

They are all super soft, super absorbent and multiuseful (is that a word?) - perfect as a burp cloth, lightweight blanket, change mat, stroller cover, nursing cover etc. My fav is the marble effect one.  It matches my bathroom!!


Link and pics

 Full Range of Organic Muslins and Swaddles


Click on Images to see product details.

Swaddle Butterflies | Style My KidSwaddles Black & White 3 PackSwaddles 3 Pack | Sttyle My KidDino Swaddle | Style My Kid


Plus now you can also get these uber fashionable Fabelab Organic Bannana bibs too!




OK - Sales pitch done!


Over to the Professionals

More insights into my crazy mind to come but for a much more professional read, please don’t forget to check out the blogs from our fantastic resident expert –  Emily Kelly of Snoozy_sleep. We are hoping to publish these once every few weeks.


Amy and I intend to bring you more of these from all sorts of areas as we move forward with SMK – we hope you like what we are doing.


Till the next time. Stay happy!

With love from Julie

Co owner SMK


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Lovely memories reading all that … I wanted to add that Milton sterilising tablets were also a great go-to when we ran out of bottles.. and I think now we should have invested in Infacol for our colicky baby – too tip: always have a spare bottle! Well done x

Melissa Cogavin

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