Play in style and build memories that last

Play in style and build memories that last

When I was a child, I had what I thought was the most amazing teepee tent in the world. It was my favourite present i'd ever been given.

I spent hours and hours inside that tent - playing "house house" with my sister, teaching my dolls and teddy bears how to count, read and draw, sleeping in it, and pretending that I was on adventures like the children I read about in my Enid Blyton books.

As I got a little bit older it became a reading nook, where I would devour book after book in the privacy of my teepee.

When my sister and I outgrew it, it was passed on to our younger cousins who spent hours camping out in it in the garden when the weather was warm enough.

The teepee tent became an item that many of our family's childhood memories centre around, and one that I will cherish forever.

We at Style My Kid are so excited to be able to present to parents and children alike our beautiful range of teepee tents, crafted from the highest quality cotton and linen and in a range of colour schemes that will enhance any corner of the house, play room or garden.

We can't wait to help your children create some of the same beautiful memories that shaped my childhood!


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