Stylish Baby Gear for Minimalist Parents

Stylish Baby Gear for Minimalist Parents


Stylish Baby Gear for Minimalist Parents


As parents, we only want what’s best for our children, and that sometimes entails prioritising practicality over fashion. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on style altogether. Nowadays, there are plenty of baby essentials that combine fashion and function. So, if you’re looking for stylish, no-fuss, and minimalist baby gear that gets the job done, check out the following:

Reusable nappies

The UK disposes of almost three billion nappies a year, according to The Evening Standard. As a result 90% will end up in landfills, taking up to 500 years to decompose. As parents, you can help save the earth by switching to reusable nappies. For example, the Zoocchini reusable pocket nappy system comes with  a waterproof exterior and 2 ultra-absorbent, washable inserts that can be attached individually or together for extra protection. They also come in 6 adorable and colourful designs.

The size is customisable, with three rows of adjustable waist snaps to ensure a flexible fit as your baby grows. The features make them a great option for the eco-minded parent who wants to avoid the clutter of disposable nappies.


A sleek yet functional pushchair



Pushchairs are essential if you want to go on leisurely walks with your children. They tend to be costly, however, so it’s wise to invest in a pushchair that can grow with your family, while also being chic and durable. To that end, the double pushchairs on iCandy are a practical choice for couples with multiple children, or those planning to have more kids in the future. The frame can be adjusted between single and double pushchair configurations, ensuring there’s plenty of space for a new addition to the family. Plus, they come in various styles and colour swatches like terracotta, chrome, and navy blue, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.

Overall, their no-fuss, sleek design marries functionality and reliability, making them perfect for outdoor walks with your child.


Easy-to-wash baby bottles

Every parent knows how tedious washing baby bottles can get. Fortunately, there are new innovations that make baby bottle usage more convenient for both you and your kids. Take the Boon Nursh silicone pouch bottle, for instance. These bottles, which can be found on Amazon and eBay, come in cute colours and an innovative design that enables an air-free feeding experience.

This is thanks to the vacuum created when the collapsible silicone pouch shrinks as your baby drinks milk, squeezing out any gas-inducing air that can cause colic. Additionally, the silicone nipple and pouches can be turned inside out, making washing a breeze. They also take up less space, as they can easily be bunched together for lighter storage.


Comfortable baby blankets

Babies spend most of their time sleeping, so it only makes sense to buy them the cosiest baby blankets to bundle up in. For a soft and breathable blanket, try out the Lulujo cellular baby blankets, which are lightweight and have a lovely texture thanks to their traditional cell construction. They’re made from 100% cotton, and get softer with every wash. Finally, they come in five simple but elegant colours to match the style of your bedroom or nursery. Meanwhile, eco-friendly options like the Lulujo bamboo blankets are also available. These blankets that come in floral, animal, or food print designs are made with natural bamboo. Their loose weave allows a lot of wiggle room for stretching, ensuring a comfortable fit for your baby if used as a super soft swaddle.


When it comes to baby gear, style and practicality aren’t mutually exclusive. With that being said, consider checking out the above recommendations, which will all make valuable additions to your baby’s essential gear.


Thank you to Megan Hudson who kindly wrote this post and included products from ! Megan Hudson is a work-from-home blogger and full-time mum. When she's not busy writing about parenting and childcare, she likes to bury her nose in thriller novels.


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