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Window Blackout Blinds


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A 3-layer, reusable static-cling window cover-style blockout blind for babies made with an opaque inner layer that blocks 100% of sunlight from rooms. White outer layers provide seamless stylishness that blends in with any room. A completely dark room during sleep will help stimulate melatonin production (that magical hormone that helps regulate sleep/awake cycles ), be comforting for your baby, and help prevent early waking or late settling during summer and daylight saving.

Choose this window blockout if you are looking for a stylish solution for your little one who needs total darkness for good sleep and sweet dreams and want to invest in a reusable covering that leaves no residue. Remove during waking hours so that your baby's room is still light, bright and cheery!

Why you'll love this item:

  • Blocks 100% of light
  • Reusable
  • Cut to size
  • Roll or fold for storage
  • Wipe clean
  • Sleep tool
  • Travel friendly

How to use:

  • Measure the width and length of your window.
  • Add 2cm to each measurement and cut sheets to appropriate size. This will ensure you don't accidentally under-cut and end up with a gap.
  • Using a spray bottle or a damp cloth, apply water to the window.
  • Peel the blackout from the storage sheet.
  • Gently apply the shiny side of the blackout to the window at the desired height, and smooth the rest of the sheet down with your hand or a credit card.
  • Air bubbles? Don’t stress, simply peel off and apply again.
  • How to Remove: Gently remove the sheet by peeling it towards you, away from the window. You can fold or roll for storage to be reused again and again. Ensure blind and window are both clean when reapplying.
  • Tip: For windows with direct sunlight for most of the day the Window Blackout needs to work a little harder to stick to the window. We recommend to cut the blackouts a few CMS more than what is needed. These steps will ensure that light doesn't sneak through any gaps & the blackouts stay on the window. Additionally, apply more water to the window prior to placing the Window Blockout.
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth or wet wipe. Debris stuck to the cling side will reduce effectiveness.

Care Guide

  • Wipe with a wet cloth without staining materials


  • PVC 0.24mm + 170GSM paper


  • Deliveries in the UK:
    We’ll have it with you in 2-3 working days
    Need it sooner? Order before 1pm Mon – Fri, get it the next working day (or on the weekend, have it by Tues)
  • Outside of the UK:
    The good news is, we deliver internationally. Get it in 7-10 working days, location-dependent!

Size Guide

  • 46cm W x 183cm L
  • 18.1" W x 72.1" L

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