Infinity x Infinity - A Rhyme of Never Ending Love

Infinity x Infinity - A Rhyme of Never Ending Love


 By: Julie Harriss


Infinity X infinity

5400 – that’s approximately the number of times I have kissed my child on the head saying ‘I love you’ when she was asleep at night. I am sure telling her those three little words have happened way more than that, but somehow whispering those three words to a sleeping child is so special and  its something I always try and do just last thing at night (or closer to 2am it seems).

Thinking about the whole routine of getting my child to sleep when she was a toddler – it was hard as she wanted me to lie next to her until she fell asleep which sometimes took a very long time. 

So after the seventh reading of Tiger that came to Tea/ Tooth Fairy/ Hubert Horatio Bartle etc etc, I became quite frustrated - wanting to go back downstairs instead of sitting there afraid to move in case she wasn't 100% in the land of nod. 

In the end, I realised to let it go and love the quietness of just lying down next to her and not rushing off to do something else (the cleaning up could bloody wait!).  Maybe even falling asleep myself for a while. 

I also realised there would come a time when my daughter would not want me to be next to her at bedtime.  We had this rhyme to say to each other in turns –


I love you 1

I love you 2

I love you 3

I love you 4

I love you more

I love you most of all.

I love you 5

I love you 6

I love you 7

I love you 8

I love you 9

I love you 10

And I love you all over again.

I love you to the moon and back x 10

And I love you infinity x infinity.


This still makes my heart sing and I encourage all parents to make up silly rhymes with their kids that they can hold on to over the years and them hopefully embarrass them with later on in life!



Some helpful hints about sleeping routines.  Whilst our ‘resident expert’ Emily from Snoozy_Sleep advises in a professional manner about creating the perfect environment and sleep associations among other things - I, as a non-expert, have these little tips that really helped me…

Lift the head end of the bed/cot up a little so its slightly higher at the top – helps with re-flux or if baby has a stuffed up nose etc.  You can just use some books under the legs of the bed – just make sure its not wobbly. 

If your toddler is having nightmares/ night terrors and keeps waking up  – try and move the furniture and objects in the room around.  Take away anything that is hanging over the bed area and if possible, even move the bed to another wall.

If they are old enough, encourage your child to help and reposition books, pictures, ornaments etc. I can’t even remember where I heard this but it absolutely worked for me and for a lot of my friends when they were going through this with their own children. In my opinion it's worth trying.


Oh and If you are looking for a great way to declutter and tidy items away checkout these beautiful and practical Potwells storage boxes. I believe they fit into many of the shelving cube systems including the ones from IKEA.



Baldy Baby?

To those of you out there with a baby that looks lik Kojak (showing my age again) or maybe The Rock then - fear not - your bald child will look like Rapunzel in no time at all! Our newborn had only the slightest fuzz on her head for absolutely ages and then suddenly it started growing and growing and growing!!








Designer Daughters

While Sienna was little  I was sort of obsessed with her clothes being perfectly co-ordinated – dress to hair band to leggings etc  – and yes even to me at times - another way to embarrass her later on!. I did find a pic of us wearing matching purple flower playsuits but it was so bad I just couldn't show it!!!! I love this image of us on holiday - particularly Sienna's waterpistol handbag!!!



The ironic thing is that now my lovely/ moody/ vampire teenager is totally uninterested in fashion. Don't get me wrong - she always looks presentable but just not into clothes in the way I was when I was a teenager or as an adult. Although she did use to insist on wearing one legging pulled up - we still don't know why!!!    

I am convinced that there is something about daughters going against certain traits of their mothers. This may not a bad thing using the example that my mum smoked as it was ‘cool’ in the 70’s and the dangers were not talked about.This is a pic of my lovely mum taken about 40 years ago (miss you mum). 

Luckily, I grew up absolutely loathing cigarettes and have never taken up that particular habit. At the opposite end, my mum never liked gin!!



If you also like matching your mini me - check out our Mommy & Me range of scrunchies - they are lovely and a little more subtle than wearing a whole matching outfit!









Stay sane
With Love
Julie x


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Just discovered this and it’s brilliant, Julie! How funny to compare little girls with little boys. It reminds me of how I used to love buying my two boys shirts like their Daddy’s which they would happily wear, but now they prefer to dress down and spend their money on trainers and tracky bottoms – UGH! Hahaha!

Lavinia Carey

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