Why working out for mum's is important

Why working out for mum's is important


Why working out for mum’s is important

Hi! I am Lily Gredley, Personal trainer and pre/post natal specialist... If you’ve stumbled on this post, welcome to the Style My Kid Resident Experts blogs and thanks for reading.

If you’ve never worked out before and wondering if you should, or if you’re usually a regular to the gym but not sure if you should be training now you’re pregnant, please read on…

Most people know that exercise is good for you but it’s only more recently been proved that there are huge benefits to training whilst pregnant.

Some women can understandably be a little cautious about working out during this time, which is why I would advise seeing a qualified pre and post natal personal trainer, even if just for one session, so they can show you many exercises that are not only safe but beneficial to you.

Every one is individual so what may be comfortable for you may not be for the next person. Listen to your body, if it doesn’t feel right you might want to avoid that exercise.

Strength or “resistance” training has the biggest benefits. Not only will it get you strong for birth but also it’s great to build foundations for those months after birth when you’ll be carrying baby around.

It’s great at correcting postural changes that occur over time. The bigger your bump gets the more your centre of gravity shifts forward which is why I often focus on working the back, glutes and doing plenty of work on balance.

After baby is born the shoulders often become more rounded from breastfeeding and carrying baby so it’s great to do plenty of work on opening out your chest and strengthening the upper back.

When you’re pregnant it’s obviously harder to get up and down so functional movements like squats, lunges and deadlifts help to build up your lower body and core. These movements simulate getting up and down from a chair/floor and picking things up off the ground so it’s great to strengthen your body so as not to injure yourself in everyday life.

Building up your strength also helps prevent the dreaded pelvic girdle and back pain. It can reduce the time of labour and the stronger your core is the better equipped your body will be to push baby out when you become tired.

This may seem fairly obvious but it helps to shift weight after the baby is born (gaining weight during pregnancy is pretty essential though). I know it’s not ideal to focus on aesthetics but let’s be honest, most of us feel great when we’re close to our ideal weight for us.

And my favourite reason to work out is the endorphins it gives you!

Lily Gredley

I have so many clients that come in to a training session almost dreading it because they feel so tired but they always say they feel amazing after as it gives them much more energy.

For many of my post natal clients it gives them some precious time out just to focus on themselves again!

By the way, I recommend waiting 6 weeks (or 8 weeks post C section) after giving birth before you start working out again to give your body time to really recover.

If you’re worried about the smallest issue (pre or post natal) I can’t recommend Pelvic Health Physio's enough. Book in to see one even if you think you’re being silly because they really can help.

About our new Resident Expert Lily -

Lily Gredley has been a qualified personal trainer for over 15 years, working in both the UK and abroad helping clients achieve their individual goals.

In 2014 she qualified in Pre and Post Natal training and is now a specialist in this field. Her favourite thing to do is help clients restore their core’s after giving birth. Through PureNatal, Lily loves working with expectant mums all the way through their pregnancy to get them strong for birth and help alleviate any back pains and correct postural changes that come about as the bump grows over time.

Lily has had many years of experience with pre and post natal clients and has gained knowledge through further courses, working with highly experienced trainers and with pelvic health physiotherapists.

Lily is pleased to be joining the SMK Resident Expert team and looks forward to sharing advice, tips and wise words going forward!





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