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Muslin Squares

Organic Muslin Square Cloths

All parents will tell you that you can never have too many muslins with a new baby around. Highly absorbent and made from 100% cotton. Muslin, the essential multi-purpose cloth for all those practical uses; feeding, swaddling, covering and soothing. At Style My Kid we have a wonderful collection of the softest pre-washed muslin squares in cotton, organic cotton or bamboo.

What is a Muslin Cloth? A baby muslin is a small square cloth usually made from cotton and you can use them in so many different ways. 

You'll use a muslin when you are breast or bottle feeding to wipe milk away from baby's mouth and clean up any mess. Given how often a newborn feeds (sometimes it feels like constantly), you'll need a lot of muslins. Lulujo Muslins are made from high quality, ultra soft textiles that comfort, soothes, and calms your baby for a restful sleep.