Collection: Pop and Go Dummy and The Chew Soother

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Pop & Go Dummies & The Chew Soothing Teether
These are brilliantly designed dummies with a built in case!
The Dummy teat manually pops back for case-free carrying! Whether it’s in your bag, your pocket or dangling from a dummy clip, with a quick pinch you can decide when to reduce unwanted surface contact, and when to make the nipple available for baby.
The Chew is a seriously soothing teether for babies gums!
Its like bubble wrap but better!! The hollow bubbles are easy for baby to grab & hold on to. Playful micro-textures massage sore gums and entertain fingers!
All items are dishwasher safe,  made from 100% silicone and totally free of lead, PVC, BPA, latex and phthalates.
We just love the clever designs of these and think that you will too!