Organic Reusable Potty/Toilet Training Pants

Zoochini Training Pants

People often ask 'What are the best training potty training pants to help get my child out of nappies?'

We really love our range of Zoochine Organic Cotton Training Pants
Zoocchini Organic Training Pants help make the transition from nappies to underwear a smooth one.

The double-sided terry inner layer helps absorb any accidents while the soft organic cotton outer layer is comfortable for little ones and gets them used to the feel of real underwear.

Cute characters, with a 'turn me around' feature on the back!

Experts say that after a few weeks of successful potty breaks, a child may be transitioned into training pants before going into regular underwear. Not just training pants, your child’s First Pair of Underwear!

Available in a variety of animal characters and in sizes 2-4 Years, Zoochini's unique training pants are made of Super Soft Organically grown Cotton, and have a layer of double sided 80/20 Cotton/Polyester blend terry sandwiched between the layers of organic cotton for extra absorbency where it's needed most to stop leaks, in case an accident occurs. The perfect stepping stone in the potty training process.

Fun bright colors with elevated embroideries and extra layers of double sided terry for added absorbency where it's needed most in case an accident.

So if you are thinking 'Are training pants a good idea?' Try these ones, your little one will love their new pants and will be out of nappies before you know it! Excellent to use at night time too!

Made from super soft GOTS certified organically grown cotton using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment.

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