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Moonie - Humming Bear with Nightlight - Silver


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Moonie Humming BEAR Baby Night Light & Sleep Aid - SILVER

The Ultimate Baby Sleep Aid

Moonie the humming friend is a professional baby sleep aid that helps babies and young children easily fall asleep and helps them to develop a proper sleeping routine.

The sounds of the Moonie humming bear are real recordings of natural pink noise and reminds them of the conditions in the womb. It allows children to calm down and fall into a gentle asleep faster. Simple, elegant and beautifully packaged but with a host of clever features including the 'Smart Cry Detector' - see full details below.

Moonie can be used from the first day of a baby's life and grows with them as the colourful, shining belly is great fun for the toddlers. Can be as a night lamp when the hum is off so perfect for night feeds and changing nappies without the need of any extra light.

The soothing sounds have been selected based on pediatric research and tested on thousands of children to prove that the hum works.

Above all, Moonie is ideal for hugging and a friend for years, This one is in a beautiful silver grey colour - we also sell a cream version of this bear as well as the bunny version and an organic woolly bear style too!

Moonie Features -

Gentle humming reminds the baby of the conditions in mummy’s womb

  • Volume control, so you can choose the appropriate volume level to the conditions and needs of the child.

  • Calming lullabies composed especially for newborns - choose from womb, wind, deep ocean, sea waves and rain.

  • Real sounds not computer generated.

Calming lights turn on with the hum. It illuminates and soothes the baby

  • 5 modes of calming lights with 7 different colours

  • Gentle light allows you to feed and change your baby without turning on the overhead light.

  • LED lamp does not heat up, it is completely safe.

The smart cry detector activates the hum once the baby starts crying

  • Crying triggers a safe, natural, pink noise that soothes the baby.

  • Automatically mutes after 30 minutes and goes into 3-hour standby mode and can also be turned on directly, without playing the noise before.

Moonie helps in deeper sleep by muffling the external sounds

  • Babies, while still in their mother's womb, are surrounded by low-frequency sounds. Therefore, the sounds of the Moonie bunny are safe, natural pink noises dominated by low-frequency sounds.

  • In pink noise, the acoustic power of high frequencies decreases, thanks to which, high-frequency sounds are at a safe level for babies, and for an adult they are almost inaudible.

USB Charge

  • No batteries required

  • Easy to use - Moonie is packed fully charged 

  • Recharging takes approx. 3 hours. A fully charged battery lasts for about 8 hours of continuous operation with the light and sound switched on. 

  • USB cable is attached to the Moonie humming bunny.

Moonie the humming bear is  28 x 16 x 10.5 cm

Suitable to use from birth

Materials are OEKO-TEX certified - completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use.

Washing instructions included - just remember to remove the module first!

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